Coaching with Linda

Linda Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT

Linda Dieffenbach is a skilled coach known for her ability to create safe, sacred, heart-centered space for healing and transformation to occur. With her nurturing presence, she helps clients feel seen, supported, and nurtured as they embark on their personal journeys of growth and transformation.

Drawing upon the wisdom of the body’s energy system, compassionate coaching techniques, and intuitive guidance, Linda guides her clients towards clarity, connection, empowerment, and encouragement. She understands the challenges of disconnection, self-doubt, deep pain, and trauma from her own personal experiences. However, she also knows the immense emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom that can be attained when one seeks support and takes control of their healing journey.

Linda skillfully identifies the barriers that hold her clients back and employs a comprehensive healing and coaching approach to restore balance to their energy systems, break through blockages, and reclaim wellness. Alongside this, she equips them with a toolkit of knowledge and practices that empower them to actively engage in their own self-care.

Linda’s clients not only receive energetic nourishment and healing but also gain the skills necessary for sustainable personal growth.

Linda Coaching testimonial

My Journey as a Coach and Healing Arts Practitioner

From an early age, I was drawn to helping others, sensing my intuition, and feeling the energy of the world around me. I felt nourished and energized by nature before I had the words to explain it. Having experienced trauma and depression firsthand, I often sought external guidance to understand the “real me” and deeply desired to feel valued and validated.

I transformed this desire for self-knowledge, healing, and security into helping others. Although I had no exposure to energy or holistic healing while growing up, I knew that helping others heal was non-negotiable. So, I pursued what I knew—a career in mainstream social services and behavioral health. However, I witnessed restrictive, unsupportive, and often damaging structures in these fields and was determined to find a better way.

My Professional Journey

As part of my personal healing journey, I discovered and fell in love with meditation, Reiki, chakra healing, and other holistic energy work. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to transition my career and become a holistic energy practitioner.

My energy training began with the discovery of Reiki. It opened me up to a whole new world where true transformative healing seemed possible.

Everything truly changed when I met my mentor, Elizabeth Frediani. Through her work, I experienced profound healing and found immense inspiration in the methods she has created. When she offered to train me as a facilitator for Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration™, I jumped at the opportunity. I love offering this powerful healing tool to others.

Since then, I have continued to cultivate an ever-expanding knowledge and skill base of healing and coaching modalities that I love using to support my clients on their own personal healing journey.

What started as a path to self-healing has grown into a platform to help other trauma survivors and others overcome self-sabotage, reconnect with their power, and develop a healthier, more compassionate relationship with themselves —especially those impacted by the failing systems I was personally and professionally exposed to. As a trauma survivor myself, I ensure that every client feels safe, seen, and supported because I deeply understand the importance of it.

Interested in coaching with Linda?

Taking proactive measures towards healing and personal growth is not only a gift for yourself but also a source of inspiration for those around you. Allowing yourself to embrace the vulnerability of your own journey creates a safe space for others to do the same.

Personally, the more I delved into my own healing process, the more effective I became as a coach and healer. You’ll be astonished by the amount of power you possess once you embark on this journey.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if this is a good fit for both of us and begin your journey towards personal growth and transformation.

Coach Linda Dieffenbach

Specialized Training & Certifications:

  • Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration: Elizabeth Frediani
  • Soul Witnessing: Elizabeth Frediani
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher: Lorien Carrillo
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher: Lisa Powers & Reiki Healing Association
  • Animal Communication and Healing: Kim Pickett
  • Heart IQ Mastery Practitioner/Coach: Christian Pankhurst, DC (Heart IQ Network)
  • Heart IQ Relationship Coach: Christian Pankhurst, DC (Heart IQ Network)
  • Holistic Health & Wellness Coach: Natura Institute
  • Life Coach: Shad Helmstetter & Christian Pankhurst, DC (Heart IQ Network)
  • Group Chakra Balancing & Healing Practitioner: Natura Institute
  • Sanctuary Model for Trauma-Informed Care: Sanctuary Institute
  • Somatic Embodiment and Regulation: Linda Thai, MSW, ERYT-200, CLYL
  • Polyvagal Meditation: Linda Thai, MSW, ERYT-200, CLYL
  • Acupressure: Michael Read Gach, PhD
  • Bachelor of Social Work: West Chester University
  • Ordination to the Order of Melchizedek: Dan Chesbro
  • Shamballah Multidimensional Healing: Tacey Tomasetti, RMT
  • Munay Ki Rites: Terri Remedio

Notable Experiences & Skills:

  • 3+ years working with trauma-exposed youth in a wilderness setting as a counselor for youth in the criminal justice system
  • 10+ years as a behavioral healthcare trainer
  • Crisis counselor for individuals experiencing domestic violence
  • Extensive trauma-informed education
  • 15+ years facilitating spiritual and wellness workshops and events
  • Experienced facilitator in inner child healing and shadow work
  • Skilled in somatic regulation
  • Founder and host of the Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival